Writing and research

A summary of some of Madeleine’s research findings is available as a Cheat sheet for positive repatriations and return migrations (PDF).

Academic writing

2018. Reinforcing regions in precarious timesRegional Studies 52 (1): 1-3 (co-author with Ivan Turok).
2014. EditorialArea 46 (1): 2-3 (co-author with Kevin Ward and Paul Wood).
2013. Publishing and getting read: a guide for researchers in geography. Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and Wiley. (Co-edited with Alison Blunt and Catherine Souch; plus written contributions on ‘Research and publication ethics’ (with Alison Blunt) and ‘Open access and repositories’). [Free to download online]
2011. Special issue on Migration and Everyday Matters: Sociality and Materiality. Population, Space and Place 17 (6): 707-68. (Co-edited with Elaine Ho) (editorial cited 18 times to date – CrossRef).
2011. British Families Moving Home: Translocal Geographies of Return Migration from Singapore. Pp. 55-70 in Brickell, K. and Datta, A. (Eds) Translocal Geographies:  Spaces, Places Connections. Ashgate: Aldershot.
2010. Children moving ‘home’?: Everyday experiences of return migration in highly skilled households. Childhood: A Global Journal of Child Research 17 (2): 155-162. (cited 19 times to date – WoS).
2009. Unpacking children in migration research. Children’s Geographies 7 (3): 355-360. (cited 74 times to date – CrossRef).